About the Event ( WHITE RIBBON RUN 2017 )

7 Km Run

Virtual Run

Volunteer Staff



No limit


Entry Fee*

5,500 JPY

2,500 JPY



Female, 18 years or older

No gender or age qualification

Female, 18 years or older

  • Entry fee will be donated 100% to charities
  • Cost of T-shirt is included in the 7 Km Run and Virtual Run entry fees
  • Volunteer staff will be asked to wear official staff wear (long sleeve jacket) handed at the event
Name of event


7 Km Run / Virtual Run
Participants of the virtual run do not have to be in Tokyo on the day of the event. You can participate by wearing the “original charity T-shirt” and upload your running photos on SNS with hashtag #whiteribbonrun. The charity T-shirt will be sent in advance to those who applied for the virtual run category.
Time Limit
Max. 90 minutes / 7 Km Run
5 March 2017 (Sunday)
11:00 Registration starts ~ ends at 13:00
13:00 Opening Ceremony
13:30  Participants start running
There are events such as talk show and the displays at the Atrium of the Ariake Frontier Building before and after the run (to be finished at 16:00). Let’s join and enjoy yourself.
Main Venue
Atrium of the Ariake Frontier Building
Center Promenade Running Course

Application Period
Public Entry starts on 11 October 2016 (Tuesday) at 11:00
Entry will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, with no waiting lists. Entry will be accepted officially upon the payment of fee.
Sports Entry (Japanese Website)
Category: 7 Km Run / Virtual Run
RUNNET (Japanese Website)
Category: 7 Km Run / Virtual Run
Prize for Participation
Original Charity T-Shirt” (7 Km Run and Virtual Run)
All runners and virtual runners will be asked to wear this T-shirt on the day of the event to show solidarity and support for women. Please remember to bring and wear your T-shirt at the event to send the message!

About Charity T-shirts
The White Ribbon Run official T-shirt is produced by Rebirth Project Co., Ltd. represented by Japanese actor and movie director, Yusuke Iseya. Akira Fujimoto, the artist and director of the Rebirth Project Co., Ltd. designed the T-shirts, in consideration of 3.7 billion women around the world. The spiral structure of the ribbon expresses the view of life and death and images sustainable activities of the White Ribbon campaign across the globe.

Activities and campaigns of the Reverse Project Co., Ltd. is here: https://www.rebirth-project.jp/

For this event, there are two types of T-shirts available for adults: one is cotton-made shirt suitable for town use, and the other is made by dry and wicking fabrics.

1. Cotton 100% T-shirt
This cotton-made T-shirt is made under the project “WORK 4 BANGLA,” which is launched by Rebirth Project Co., Ltd. and Bonmax Co., Ltd. Part of the manufacturing cost will contribute to activities of social and community improvement in Bangladesh.

2. Polyester 100% Quick Dry T-shirt
In response to your request, we offer you sweat-wicking, quick dry T-shirt that makes your run more enjoyable! This T-shirt is produced in cooperation with Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.* Please make sure that we cannot accept exchange of T-shirts after the entry.
* Kids’ sizes are available for cotton 100% T-shirt only (110cm, 120cm, and 130cm).


Time record
A certificate showing how much time it took for the run will be provided at the event. Places will not be stated on the certificate, but will be announced at the event and on the event website afterwards.
The entry fees will be donated to: support women and mothers/children in Nepal, Myanmar, and Tanzania.
* Beneficiaries and the allocation of donations are subject to change, depending on the amount of contribution raised at the event.
Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)
Rinkai Fukutoshin Machizukuri (Tokyo Waterfront Community Development) Council (TBA)
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
Under the Auspices of
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Tokyo office
Women’s Clinic Network
Japan Family Planning Association
Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
The Japanese Society of Child Health.
The Japanese Midwives Association
Japan Society of Maternal Health
Council for Maternal and Child Health Promotion
Baby and Birth Friendly Association
GIRL meets GIRL project
Tokyo Rinkai Fukutoshin Group (Tokyo Waterfront sub-city) (TBA)
Kao Corporation
Rebirth Project Co., Ltd.
Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.
Event Administration
Roots Sports Japan Co., Ltd.
Yousansapuri-110ban(Adptnld Inc.)